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100 km far away from Madrid and 24 from Segovia, between junipers and holm oaks is the small village of Peñarrubias de Pirón. Its tranquillity and its landscape, that is surprising for being discovered, make of this valley an ideal place to spend some days enjoying the nature together with your family or friends. The walks between junipers and the river Pirón build an space destined to the feelings and the well-being.
Las Casas del Pirón represent a suggestive combination of three buildings that are joined with the intention to make possible the necessary combinations for you all can enjoy the stay with your family or friends. The comfort and the attractive views are mixed to make us enjoy the environment.
The structure of our lodgings allows to harbour groups of different size with flexibility.
As we will see, the three lodgings have all the services, what it allow the stay of small groups (from 4 people), up to groups of 20 people, with all you needs, specially the terrace/living room of 50 m2 and the pergola of the garden, to enjoy the company of your people.
Capacity for 8 people (4 double bedrooms with its bathrooms)
Capacity for 7 people (2 double bedrooms with bathroom and 1 double bedroom and 1 children’s bedroom with bathroom on the floor)
Capacity for 4 people (2 double bedrooms with its bathrooms).


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Peñarrubias de Pirón

It belongs to the sub region of the valleys of Pirón and Polandos and Llano. It is on the shore of the river Pirón. We stand out of its buildings the Romanesque hermitage of Our Lady of Octave at the top of a hill, and it has carved the aqueduct of Segovia in one of its small channels and a siren in another; inside there is a baptismal font. The “Bread cooker” also stands together with the forge and its original bellows. The holidays are celebrated during the Octave of corpus, standing out the Friday before the entwined branches to the Virgin for the procession on the Sunday, where “jotas” are danced while the flutes and the small drums sound.


Piron River Valley, Romanesque Chapel of Our Lady of the Octave, The Cooker, La Forge, Otones, Cantimpalos, Turégano, Segovia Capital, The Farm, The Natural Park of Duratón River Gorges, Pedraza, etc ...


Hiking, bicycle routes, mycological routes, monumental routes, canoeing, caving, cuisine routes, wildlife watching, fisheries, etc…

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