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As the simple things, the name Peñarrubias del Pirón comes from the limestone rock of the gorge that is the gate to the village and the surname of the river of this area. The close environment of Peñarrubias keeps many surprises to the traveller both by the landscape as by the diversity of flora and fauna. The river next to the village keeps its natural charm and even it will let watching the “cangrejo señal (signal crab)” that it has been converted into another inhabitant.

In the path of the river there are ashes and willows. The holm oak forest is the green cloak that dominates the landscape; we will not find great samples, but small shrub oaks that owing to its features can support extreme conditions both in winter as in summer. The flora that predominates is got used to the lack of water and it is mainly aromatic such as thyme and lavender.

If we follow along the shore, less than one kilometre far away we could enjoy a beautiful forest with leafy trees such as willows, ash and elms mixed with blackthorn, brambles and wild roses. Any time of the year allows us nice walks, but it is in autumn when we will enjoy special moments with sundowns that will be mixed up between the leaves that fall down by the breeze of the valley.

Peñarrubias de Pirón

It belongs to the sub region of the valleys of Pirón and Polandos and Llano. It is on the shore of the river Pirón. We stand out of its buildings the Romanesque hermitage of Our Lady of Octave at the top of a hill, and it has carved the aqueduct of Segovia in one of its small channels and a siren in another; inside there is a baptismal font. The “Bread cooker” also stands together with the forge and its original bellows. The holidays are celebrated during the Octave of corpus, standing out the Friday before the entwined branches to the Virgin for the procession on the Sunday, where “jotas” are danced while the flutes and the small drums sound.


Piron River Valley, Romanesque Chapel of Our Lady of the Octave, The Cooker, La Forge, Otones, Cantimpalos, Turégano, Segovia Capital, The Farm, The Natural Park of Duratón River Gorges, Pedraza, etc ...


Hiking, bicycle routes, mycological routes, monumental routes, canoeing, caving, cuisine routes, wildlife watching, fisheries, etc…


Castillo de Turégano
Es uno de los castillos más originales de España al incorporar en su interior una no menos notable iglesia románica de tres naves, planta poco habitual en la provincia de Segovia. Fueron declarados Mo...
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Alcázar de Segovia
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Hay Festival Segovia
En Segovia, del 22 al 25 de septiembre
El Hay Festival Segovia contará, en esta edición, con la enriquecedora presencia de Julie Christie, Juan Diego Flórez, Benedetta Tagliabue, John Banville, Namita Gokhale, Juan Luis Arsuaga, Hélène Car...
1,2,3 a correr en Cuéllar
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El 24 de septiembre, las calles de nuestra localidad acogerán una de las pruebas running del circuito “1,2,3 a correr” organizado por el banco Santander y en colaboración de Cruz Roja y Ayuntamiento d...
Arqueología del Agua
En Valsain, 25 de septiembre
Paisaje con historia - Día 25: "Arqueología del Agua" Recorrido por la cacera del Acueducto, uno de los paisajes arqueológicos más singulares de la Sierra. Luis M. Yuste, arqueólogo. - Público dest...
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